Joshua Tree National Park


Neither of us truly understood how impactful our camping trip to Joshua Tree National Park would be until we started looking back on it a year later.   When camping in Kentucky, the nights are filled with the sounds of crickets, frogs, and birds.  The silence offered by the desert was both eerie and peaceful at the same time.  Never before had we experienced nature in silence. 

Adventures in the Desert 

We decided to include a visit to Joshua Tree National Park to our 2018 California trip.  When we made our schedule we included visiting Venice Beach, where we got engaged, San Diego Zoo, and Beverly Hills.  We knew we wanted to take a small camping trip and decided on Joshua Tree since it was only a 2 hours drive from Los Angeles.  It was one of the best decisions we ever made and we wish we could go back and spend more time in such a breathtaking place. 

The desert landscape offered by Joshua Tree National Park is one like we had ever experienced before.  We came right before the big bloom but the plants were still stunning. 

Unlike Kentucky, which sits on a sandstone base, Joshua Tree is etched into a landscape of granite. The dimensions and texture of the rocks brought with it a unique play on light and shadow.  Not to mention, it provided a nature grip, making climbing smaller rock formations a breeze.