10 Things You Can't Miss During Visit to Redwood National Park


A trip to Redwood National Park is a once in a lifetime trip.  It is a truly humbling experience to walk within the Redwoods, which are some of the oldest and largest trees in the world.  There are so many things to see here that everyone in your group will be happy! Whether it is your first trip or you are returning, there are 10 must sees!

  1. Lady Bird Johnson Grove is named for the former first lady of the United States, who was a conservationist and advocate for the national park system. The trail is a 1.5 mile loop that presents as a self-tour with numbered stops along the path.  In order to best enjoy the trail, be sure to grab a brochure at the beginning.  It is an easy hike with very little elevation gain that will offer breathtaking views of the older part of the forest.  The grove is located in Redwood National park off Bald Hills Road. 
  2. Klamath River Overlook offers sweeping views of where the rive meets the sea.  If you are lucky, you will be able to catch a glimpse of a sea lion or a whale.  The overlook is part of the gray whale migration path along the west coast.  You will find the overlook in Redwood National Park in Klamath. 
  3. Big Tree is the 13th largest single-stem coast redwood and 7th largest tree in Prairie Creek Redwood State Park.  It has a circumference of 68 feet, stands about 250 feet tall and is an estimated 1,500 years old.  To get here from the Prairie Creek Visitor Center, drive 1 mile north along the Parkway and look for the sign and parking area on your right. 
  4. Coastal Drive offers a beautiful cruise along the coastline on the old Highway 101.  It is a one-way scenic drive that is narrow and doesn't allow RV's and trailers.  From the drive, you view a disguised World War II Radar Station from High Bluff Lookout.  The drive is located near the town of Klamath.  It was bucket list during our trip to the Redwoods. 
  5. Trillium Falls offers a tranquil waterfall which is only a 1-mile roundtrip hike or only 2.6 niles if you hike the entire look.  You could get lucky and see some elk along the way.  Be very cautious when you encounter an elk and observe from a safe distance.  Do not approach wild animals! The trail takes you through a pleasant meadow before entering the old-growth, which takes you to the base of the falls.  The trail head is located 4.5 miles north from the Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center in Redwood National Park on Davison Road. 
  6. Fern Canyon is a must see for any movie buff! Not only was it made famous by Jurassic Park: Lost World, Star Wars was also filmed here.  The hike takes you through a beautiful canyon that is draped in ferns and small waterfalls.  There is a 1-mile loop that travels through the canyon and to the rim.  Be sure to wear proper footwear as you will be walking through water.  The trail head is located just past Gold Bluff Beach Campground.  The road is windy and gravel so expect potholes. You will need a day-pass or park pass to access to trailhead. 
  7. Tall Trees Grove provides views of some of the tallest redwoods in the world.  The 4 mile round trip trail takes you through both old and new growth with an elevation gain of 690 feet.  Due to the elevation gain, it is one of the more strenuous hikes.  A permit is required and are issued free on a first-come, first serve basis at the Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center or Prairie Creek Visitor Center.  The trailhead is located along Bald Hills Road.
  8. Howland Hill Road is perfect for a rest day and provides a break from hiking.  That doesn't mean you have to miss out! The scenic drive takes you 10 miles through the forest, with stops such as Stout Grove and Boy Scout Tree.  Due the narrow, unpaved nature of the road, RVs and trailers are not recommended.  The road is located in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.
  9. Beach Time! We camped in Gold Bluff Beach Campground for several nights and can't stress enough how beautiful it was!  There are multiple miles of coastline that offers several access points to the beach to spend the day or catch a lunch with a view. 
  10. Stout Grove can be seen from Howland Hill Road and is known as one of the best groves in t he park. The grove is home to several 300+ foot redwoods that are breathtaking to stand below.  The trail is a short decent from the parking lot and travels 0.5 miles through the grove.  If you don't mind a short stroll when enjoying Howland Hill Road, be sure to stop!